Some of you guys might already know that cars and airplanes are two of my biggest passions in life, and if I didn’t have to worry about being practical and trying to make a living I would probably spend my days just drawing airplanes and cars just like I did when I was a little boy.

A 30-second stroll though my airliner art gallery exposes my obsession with airplanes pretty clearly, but I don’t have very much automotive art to display here on my blog (yet). Of course there are the Lamborghini, Ferrari, and BMW logos – but those are just examples of 3d logo art that isn’t much different than the other 3d renderings I’ve been doing in my professional day job for years.

My ultimate goal is to be a master at hand-drawn car illustrations. It’s something I’ve been working on privately in my spare time, and I’ll start revealing that work here when the time is right. I don’t feel like any of my car sketches are worthy of posting here at the moment, so that means that I’m relegated to continuing with the 3d logo stuff until I become the automotive artist that I want to be.

And that leads me to my latest set of automotive-based 3d renderings: the BMW “M” logo. For those of you who don’t follow the car scene, BMW designates performance versions of it’s cars as M models (M3, M4, M5, etc). And just so you know, I’m an M3 kind of guy myself.

As a matter of fact, I’m doing everything within my power to refrain from browsing for old e36 M3’s on Craigslist. I want one as a project car really bad, never mind the fact that I don’t currently have extra garage space (nor the mechanical know-how to keep an older car like this running smoothly).

The need to scratch that M3 itch is what led to this set of 3d BMW M logos. I didn’t have the time to create a full set of renderings, but since it’s a simple enough logo to begin with, I thought it would be fun to model it up and arrange it with a few performance-related objects. This is what I came up with:

BMW M logo with wrench and screwdriver
BMW M Tuning
BMW M logo with precision calipers
BMW M Precision
BMW M logo 3d addiction
BMW M Addiction

So, I’ll bet you’re dying to know if this little project satisfied my craving for that M3. The answer is a big fat “NO”, and I think this actually might have backfired on me. I’ve already been to Craigslist twice today eyeing a nice little 1999 white coupe with low miles and need for a good home. If it wasn’t tax season and we weren’t in the middle of some major home renovations right now, I’m not sure I’d be able to resist…

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