My name is Scott, and I am a 3d illustrator and designer with years of professional experience in a variety of design-related fields. Norebbo is the name of my one-man design studio, and I built this blog as a way to showcase and give away free samples of my work.


The Norebbo brand was born in the spring of 2006, just as I was getting involved in stock image production. I chose this name as the identity for myself at all the major online stock image agencies, and content creation for my royalty-free image collection was the primary focus through the middle of 2011.

Since then, I have been spending equal amounts of time on paid client work and stock image production. The Norebbo brand has naturally evolved to become the identity for my studio.


I hold a degree in Industrial Design, and I have been fortunate to work for a variety of really great companies over the years. I started my career designing cash registers and ATMs, but I eventually found myself focusing more on user-centered digital media such as websites and mobile apps as the demand grew.

Versatility is one of my strongest assets, as I am just as comfortable sketching with a pen and paper as I am with 3d modeling software. I liked to be challenged – it keeps my mind fresh!