Wait! Before digging into these Frequently Asked Questions, I’d recommend reading my About page if you haven’t done so already. That’ll give you all the context you need for all of the juicy nuggets of info below:

Who (or what) the heck is Norebbo?

That’s me! My name is Scott, and Norebbo is the name of my one man design studio. I’m a self-employed designer and illustrator living the dream. At least that’s what I tell myself.

So…are you an aircraft illustrator? Or a 3d artist?

Both actually! I started my career doing 3d modeling and rendering (mainly), and even though I’m doing mostly 2d aircraft illustration these days, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up my 3d modeling software.

I spend the majority of my time creating aircraft templates and airline livery illustrations. However, whenever I need a break from that, going back to my 3d modeling roots is a nice way for me to recharge my batteries.

How did you get started drawing airplanes?

It all happened by accident really. Way back in 2012, I needed a high-resolution side view illustration of a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 for a work project. Everything I found online wasn’t detailed enough, so I rolled up my sleeves and created my own.

One thing led to another, and there are now over 320 illustrations in the Norebbo side view aircraft template collection.

Why don’t you build 3d models of aircraft?

It would only seem logical to combine my love of drawing airplanes with my passion for 3d modeling, right? Honestly, the market for 3d aircraft is fully saturated IMHO, and I don’t think that I could bring anything better to the table.

There are insanely-detailed and ultra-realistic 3d models of nearly any aircraft that you could think of already available for purchase on the Internet. Even the free stuff is really good! I don’t have the skills (or patience) to compete with any of that.

Can I hire you to create an illustration for me?

Unfortunately, no. Creating content for Norebbo.com and my YouTube channel is nearly a full-time job and I never seem to have enough time left over in my schedule to take on contract work.

Where can I learn how to create airliner art?

My YouTube channel is a good place to start. I post timelapse demonstrations of my livery illustrations there (with voiceover explanations), and you’ll be able to see exactly how I do it.

If you’re looking for a more detailed step-by-step tutorial, I would suggest enrolling in my Airliner Art 101 Video Course.