In addition to all of the illustrations and templates you see here on my blog, I stay busy working on a variety of helpful tools and resources. Here are some things you might find useful:

1. High-resolution side view aircraft templates

For those of you who need more flexibility from the free aircraft templates found here on, I offer the high-resolution source files (PSD and vector) on my aircraft template store.

These high-quality premium templates are fully editable and perfect for livery designers and industry professionals who need accurate illustrations for their projects.

Norebbo side view aircraft templates

shop norebbo side view aircraft templates

2. High-resolution side profile airline livery illustrations

When I’m not busy working on blank side view aircraft templates, I like to nerd out by applying airline liveries to them. Many of these illustrations can be seen here on the blog (in the Airliner Art section), but the entire catalog lives on my airliner art store.

norebbo airliner art

shop norebbo high resolution airliner art

3. Courses

As an experienced illustrator and designer, nothing satisfies me more than being able to share my knowledge. I’ve learned a lot about illustration and design over the years, and all of my courses are designed to tell you exactly what you need to know. Nothing else.

Airliner Art 101

Although my Airliner Art 101 video course was created with beginners in mind, it offers a lot of extremely valuable information (and real talk) for anyone looking to profit from their airliner art as well. It includes everything you need to get started – including free aircraft templates!

Norebbo Airliner Art 101 video course

norebbo airliner art 101 video course

Airline Livery Design 101

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to create your own livery designs from scratch, my Airline Livery Design 101 video course is for you. It’s a detailed summary of what I’ve learned over the past 20+ years of doing airline livery design for clients all over the world, and it’ll save you from making the same mistakes I did.

norebbo airline livery design course preview

norebbo airline livery design 101 video course