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Earlier last year I spent some time making some stock illustrations featuring the Microsoft Windows logo, but I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t really happy with they way they turned out. The Microsoft “flag” logo is somewhat complex – it’s a two dimensional graphic rendered to appear 3d, so building a 3d model of it can be a bit tricky. I tried as best I could to replicate the wave in three dimensions, but it didn’t look right to me – so I just left it flat. But even then it still didn’t look correct, and I just gave up on it.

I get a lot of requests for images with Microsoft branding, so I decided to take another stab at it. This time, I’m using image maps instead of building a model of the logo itself. Seems to work a little bit better, don’t you think? Here’s a detailed description of the set:

  • A large silver microphone standing in front of a glowing Microsoft logo
  • A heavy-duty brass padlock sitting on top of a glowing Microsoft logo on a dark surface
  • This one is for all of you who complain about Windows all the time: a framed Microsoft logo lying on top of a big wood soap box
  • A big magnifying glass hovering over top of a silver tablet computer displaying a glowing Microsoft logo
  • Another tablet computer with the same Microsoft logo with two large gears hovering above it

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  1. Very nice illustrations, thank you very much

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