Not many people are aware of this, but my art and design roots are firmly planted in the automotive world. You may already know that I’m a car guy, but did you know that I draw them as well? Yes, I was one of those little boys who drew cool cars with flames and big tires when I should have been paying attention in class instead – I was pretty determined to become a car designer at a young age.

I ultimately decided against a career in automotive design, and I stopped drawing cars during my freshman year of college. Bummer. Anyway, I have always had a bit of regret about letting go of my roots like that, so I’m making an effort to draw cars as much as possible again.

car design illustration

car design illustration

car design illustration

I’ve thought about incorporating some of that artwork into my 3d illustrations for a while, and this is my first attempt. The concept is very simple: these are simply images of two pencils sitting on an unrolled pile of white paper showing a partial car sketch. Plain. Easy. And hopefully useful.

I’m not going to get too crazy incorporating my car illustrations into my 3d renderings for a while. I just started drawing cars again, and there is still a lot I need to learn. I’d like to get all the rust worked out of my system before I make the effort to begin a large new 3d illustration series…

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