Free high quality illustrations featuring the Samsung logo

By Norebbo •  3 min read

It was just a few days ago that I realized how big and successful of a company that Samsung really is. I’m not sure why, but I had always thought of them as being a second-tier electronics corporation who was never on the cutting edge of design and innovation. The article I read put me in my place, and I was really shocked to learn that they are pretty much one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world.

But here again (just as I pointed out in my Verizon logo illustrations), they are branded with a corporate logo which is sub-par and not reflective of their success. I’m all for simple corporate identities, but how much more bland can you get than placing an oval around block lettering? I’m sure they paid a bunch of money for that, and I would have loved to have been in the room when the designer made the pitch that sold this design. I’m not a pitch man at all, so I am very curious to hear the string of words that were put together that made this particular logo the winner in Samsung’s eyes.

Anyway, I respect the Samsung brand a lot after reading more about their history, so I thought it would be fitting to do a quick series of stock 3d illustrations using their logo as the focus. I had to use a little bit of creative freedom here and there to make it not so boring and bland, but hopefully what I’ve done hasn’t violated any corporate design guidelines (lol…I’m not holding my breath). Here’s what I came up with:


My name is Scott, and I started in the design industry over 20 years ago with a bachelors degree in Industrial Design from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. I have an extensive background in both 2D and 3D illustration, and these days, I spend a majority of my time creating aircraft templates and airliner art. I’m basically an airplane dork.

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