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  1. Do you make these trophies? We are in to making an American Airlines presentation trophy with new logo (isn’t it sharp?)….were considering stacking up 1/400 scale diecast airline models up into an 9″ diameter tube, how to to this is yet to be determined. We work for this airline and all the way back to the early days of American West. This is an important project. Any suggestions? RSVP asap please and thanks. LUV YOUR WORK! Am one of the designers here at Merestone.

    1. Thanks for the compliments on my work – I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, no, I do not make these trophies. I just create the 3d illustrations! 🙂 I would suggest talking to a local exhibit design company to design and fabricate something for you. I used to work for an exhibit house and we always enjoyed taking on smaller projects such as this. I’d imagine that not every exhibit design company would do it, but it wouldn’t hurt to call around. Good luck!

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