I was creating some 3d illustrations for a presentation a few days ago, and I thought that maybe some of you might be interested in using these for your own projects. They are great for being used as title graphics, mainly because they are far much more interesting to look at than plain text. And we all know that’s really important when it comes to keeping your audience focused on the presentation.

The large image above was the lead-in for the presentation, which happened to be based around the my thoughts on the keys to great design. Is there any image more appropriate for that than an illustration of a key lying next to the words GREAT DESIGN over top of a generic blueprint? I think not – so that’s what I built. It’s times like these that I’m glad I know my way around a 3d modeling program. Even if my presentation was dull, I hope I kept everyone entertained with the pretty pictures.

I also discussed topics about website and logo design, as well as methods for basic design intelligence – so I created images for those too. All of them have the appropriate chrome words with a wrench and screwdriver lying over top of a generic blueprint. Feel free to use any of these images however you wish. All I ask is that you do not redistribute them without my permission.

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