It wasn’t the most exciting set of illustrations that I’ve ever done, but I’m happy to say that I’ve completed a full set of Boeing 737-800 blueprints (with all white / blank versions to match). These templates should come in handy for me (and lots of other folks), as the 737-800 is one of the best selling aircraft of all time.

Boeing 737-800 side view blueprints (and all white templates)

The most common variant of the 737-800 features blended winglets. That’s the version I started with, and then used that as a baseline to create the full set of other versions (below).

737-800 side view all white
2d side profile illustration of an all white Boeing 737-800 with blended winglets
Technical line drawing
Blueprint line drawing
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Detailed Boeing 737-800 Template Source Files

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In order to illustrate the most accurate representation of the 737-800 possible, I poured over hundreds of photos and illustrations. Starting with good reference material seems time consuming in the beginning, but I’ve found that it eventually saves a lot of time as the illustration process goes on.

Making these illustrations as accurate as possible was especially important, as I used them as a starting point to create my 737 Classic Series and 737 MAX series.

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Other variants

Once I had the base 737-800 drawing complete, I created an additional version featuring split scimitar winglets. And since the original version of the 737-800 was launched without winglets, I figured that I should probably scratch that one off the list as well.

737-800 split scimitar winglets side view
All white version with split scimitar winglets

And here’s the line drawing version of the split-scimitar wing. This is the way the 737-800 was supposed look IMHO, as it looks downright killer with these aggressive winglets:

737-800 with split scimitar winglets blueprint
Bluerprint line drawing of a 737-800 with split scimitar winglets

Here’s the version without winglets. This is by far my least-favorite 737-800 of them all. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems naked without anything on the wingtips:

737-800 without winglets side view
2d side profile illustration of an all white Boeing 737-800 without winglets
737-800 without winglets blueprint
Blueprint line drawing of a 737-800 without winglets

Custom livery design

I’m always experimenting with new livery concepts, and I find myself refining of the designs using this 737-800 template more often than not. It’s an aircraft with fairly neutral proportions (nothing too extreme in one direction or another), so it’s generally a good place to start when coming up with something new.

Boeing 737-800 generic livery concept
This is a fairly generic a livery concept (very similar to one of the liveries that I designed for my Boeing 777-200 template). Those of you who are looking for the high resolution source files for this livery can get it here.

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    1. Actually, I didn’t even know that there was a BCF version of the 738. Interesting! Anyway, I’m in the process of redoing all of my 737 templates (to make them more consistent with one another) so I’ll definitely add the BCF as part of that project.

  1. 738BCF maybe is a project in the future.If some airlines are interested in this project(SF airlines in china maybe need it),Boeing will start it.:p

    1. Yes, I have plans for that! I’m in the process of re-doing all my 737 templates at the moment, so once I get those done it will allow me to create older versions such as the -600, -500, etc.

  2. I hope you add a Boeing B737-800BCF! I really love it! Also can you please make a template of it? It’s currently in service today with some cargo companies!

  3. Can you please not add eyebrow windows on the 737-800BCF? Also, can you please, um, make a other version of same plane but without eyebrow windows?

    1. No problem – I update the templates periodically, and I’ll be sure to do that next time I make edits.

  4. Hey can you please remove the eyebrow windows on the following aircraft:
    -Boeing 717-200* (separate template)
    -Boeing 737 Next Gen Series (separate template)
    I hope this isnt too much for you.

    *on newer 717-200 aircraft doesnt have eyebrow windows

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