Boeing 737-800 blank illustration templates

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It wasn’t the most exciting set of illustrations that I’ve ever done, but I’m happy to say that I’ve completed a full set of Boeing 737-800 blueprints (with all white / blank versions to match). These templates should come in handy for me (and lots of other folks), as the 737-800 is one of the best selling aircraft of all time.

Boeing 737-800 side view blueprints (and all white templates)

The most common variant of the 737-800 features blended winglets. That’s the version I started with, and then used that as a baseline to create the full set of other versions (below).

737-800 side view all white

2d side profile illustration of an all white Boeing 737-800 with blended winglets

Technical line drawing

Blueprint line drawing

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In order to illustrate the most accurate representation of the 737-800 possible, I poured over hundreds of photos and illustrations. Starting with good reference material seems time consuming in the beginning, but I’ve found that it eventually saves a lot of time as the illustration process goes on.

Making these illustrations as accurate as possible was especially important, as I used them as a starting point to create my 737 Classic Series and 737 MAX series.

Other variants

Once I had the base 737-800 drawing complete, I created an additional version featuring split scimitar winglets. And since the original version of the 737-800 was launched without winglets, I figured that I should probably scratch that one off the list as well.

737-800 split scimitar winglets side view

All white version with split scimitar winglets

And here’s the line drawing version of the split-scimitar wing. This is the way the 737-800 was supposed look IMHO, as it looks downright killer with these aggressive winglets:

737-800 with split scimitar winglets blueprint

Bluerprint line drawing of a 737-800 with split scimitar winglets

Here’s the version without winglets. This is by far my least-favorite 737-800 of them all. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems naked without anything on the wingtips:

737-800 without winglets side view

2d side profile illustration of an all white Boeing 737-800 without winglets

737-800 without winglets blueprint

Blueprint line drawing of a 737-800 without winglets


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