blank white 757-200 illustration
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These side view Boeing 757-200 templates have been on my to-do list forever, and I just couldn’t put them off any longer due to a personal side project of mine that required some illustrations of this aircraft. I’m really glad to have these done and out of the way! Well, sort of. You see, just like the Airbus A319/A320/A321, there are actually quite a few versions of the 757-200. There were two engine types (Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royce) offered during it’s production run, with two different wingtips (with and without winglets). I only illustrated the Pratt and Whitney engined version for now, but I did create both versions of the wing. So I still have some work ahead of me…

I’ll attach the versions with the Rolls Royce engines to this post as soon as I complete them, but for now, here are some all white renderings and wireframe line drawings of the 757-200 with Pratt and Whitney engines – with and without winglets.

Here is the line drawing version of the aircraft at the top of this post (with winglets):

757-200 line art with winglets

Technical line drawing of a Boeing 757-200 with winglets

And here is the fully rendered blank white version and associated line drawing for the non-winglet version.

white 757 template

All white Boeing 757-200 template (without winglets)

757-200 line drawing without winglets

Technical line drawing of a Boeing 757-200 (without winglets)

The 757-200 is a good looking aircraft, isn’t it? The equivalent airliners of today (the Boeing 737-900 and Airbus A321) just don’t look as sleek and graceful as this thing does, so it’s going to be a major bummer when they retire these things for good. But now that I have these templates, I plan on creating many variations of it with some of the best airline liveries from all over the world.

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  1. Jo

    These are really beautiful

  2. Norebbo Author

    Thanks Jo – really appreciate the kind words!

  3. That Guy

    Thanks for all your outstanding works of art. I was just wondering if you could make illustrations with above views of the 737-800. I that possible?

  4. Norebbo Author

    You’re welcome! I’ve often thought about creating other views but I can just never find the time to do them. Eventually…

  5. i love your stuff trace it for school work your an amazing artist thanks again can’t rave enough

  6. Norebbo Author

    Thanks Jonas! Glad my illustrations are useful to you.

  7. CRUSHER143

    When I’m bored I print off some of your illustrations and colour them in liveries.

  8. ItWasAKidneyInfection

    pls pls make the 747-400 with BA engines

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