I built a series of generic road map illustrations for my stock image collection about a year ago, but I was never really happy with they way they turned out. I think I rushed the entire set without taking the time to make them look exactly like I wanted, and that kind of stuff really bugs me. I’m a total perfectionist (swear I can’t help it)! Anyway, maps and navigation concepts are really popular these days, and I have been planning on redoing the collection for many months – and these six images are the beginnings of that work. I’m not totally happy with the way they turned out, but I think they are much better than the original set!

Here’s a rundown of the renderings presented above:

  • A large acoustic guitar sitting on top of an unrolled set of generic road maps
  • Two large pencils lying on top of generic road maps
  • Two large red push pins sitting on top of a stack of unrolled navigational maps
  • Large metallic puzzle pieces connected together on top of an unrolled set of road maps
  • A big QR code graphic sitting on top of an unrolled set of generic road maps
  • A generic set of unrolled road maps over a dark reflective surface

If you happen to need these map illustrations in a larger size, they are available in dimensions up to 5000×3750 in my online store.

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