3 free iPhone 3Gs illustrations

About two years ago I was creating a lot of royalty-free iPhone illustrations – then, all of the major microstock websites started cracking down on anything that they deemed to be copyright-protected material. That put an end to my iPhone image production real quick, but…they seemed to be very popular. I’m still making a lot of them to this day (to give away as freebies), and here are three quick examples:

  • an iPhone 3Gs with a gun sitting on top
  • an iPhone 3Gs with a glowing orange fingerprint on the screen
  • an iPhone 3Gs with a large microphone standing on top

I’ve got a few more of these images lying around that I need to upload, and I’ll get around to that as soon as I can. And I should probably build a 3d model of a 4G iPhone as well…

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