industrial design theme for PowerPoint

I’ve been creating royalty-free stock illustrations for a long time now, and I’m constantly looking through my archives trying to figure out how to keep all that content fresh and viable as the years pass and styles change. There are parts of my portfolio that are really starting to show it’s age, but on the other hand there are plenty of illustrations that I think will be very useful for many years to come.

Case in point: my “nuts and bolts” illustrations. I’ve lost count of the number of 3d renderings that I’ve created which feature these simple objects, but they are just so darn versatile and conceptual in nature that it’s hard not to incorporate them into whatever I’m doing as much as I can. And that leads me to this free PowerPoint template with an industrial design theme.

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll instantly recognize the chrome nuts and bolts that are the predominate element on the cover slide. I placed them over top of the same generic blueprint drawing that I used for my recent design and engineering Keynote templates, and then placed the title text to the left. I was originally thinking about creating some sort of dark background texture for this slide, but ultimately decided that the sterile clean look of the white backdrop was the way to go.

The interior slides of this three-page presentation deck contain the same bullet-text page and sample table that I’ve used in some of my other templates, but if you’re feeling creative, you might experiment with reusing that same image from the cover slide as a background for these interior pages. Make sure you reduce the opacity of it though – almost watermark-like so that it doesn’t compete visually with your content.

Click here to download it!

foggy hillside theme for powerpoint

The photo on the cover slide of this three-page PowerPoint template was one that I shot several weeks ago as I was taking a break during a long morning bike ride. This is the time of year in San Diego where thick fog is common in the early mornings and late evenings, and I love the way it seems to hug the hills and mountains around here. Mix in a little sun, and the result is usually breathtaking.

To be honest, I didn’t think much of this photo at all after I took it, and I came extremely close to deleting it shortly thereafter. The problem was that there wasn’t very much detail in the photo, and there wasn’t a clear subject. I was too composed to be considered an abstract texture, so I had no idea what I could use it for.

After thinking about it for a bit, I realized that it might make a nice backdrop for a presentation template. The dark area of the hillside would be a good place to overlay text, while the light top section would be a good place for a logo. With that in mind, I dropped it into PowerPoint to see what I could do.

The end result was something that I ended up liking quite a bit. I did find that the texure in the hillside was a bit distracting with light typography over top, so I blurred out the image a bit to make the fonts more legible. Much better.

The elements on the interior slides use colors that are complimentary to that cover page image, and I think the overall template is something that would work well for environmental-type presentations – or any topic that has a “zen” vibe to it.

You can download the .pptx file (compressed in .zip format) by clicking here.

free 3-page powerpoint template

Just as I mentioned in my post about the grassy morning sunrise PowerPoint template, I’m starting to integrate my own photography into my work as much as I can. It’s not always possible for my 3d renderings or airliner art, but presentation templates are the perfect scenario for incorporating these photos.

Here’s my latest attempt. The photo on the cover slide just so happens to be the interior of the inter-terminal train that runs back and forth inside the McNamara terminal at Metro Airport in Detroit (DTW). I shot it a few months back I when I travelled to Detroit to see the 2014 North American International Auto Show, and I thought an image like that might be useful for something in the future – and the fact that I’m writing about it now makes me feel good that I made the effort to take the shot. I’m always thinking ahead like this – it’s not like I’m forcing myself to do it or anything…it’s just that the designer in me can’t help but to look at everything with an designers eye when I’m out and about doing everyday things. It felt a little bit stupid to take the photo then, but it just goes to show you how even the seemingly little things can be very useful at a later date.

This fully editable PowerPoint template features three slides: the cover slide, an example table slide, and of course a generic bullet-point page. I envision this template to be used for travel and tourism type presentations, and if you just so happen to work at DTW, you’ve hit the gold mine! This is the template for you.

Please note that the font I’m using for this one is Helvetica Nueue, but you could use pretty much any ultra-thin font to achieve the same look.

Please click here to download this .pptx file in .zip format.

air new zealand 787-9

Earlier this week, Boeing rolled out the first 787-9 in the Air New Zealand livery. For those of you who don’t normally follow these sorts of things, the 787-9 is an lengthened version of the original 787-8 and is capable of flying longer distances with increased efficiency. I’ve only seen a handful of pictures of this particular aircraft so far (registration ZK-NZE), but I knew right away that I had to do an illustration of it as soon as I saw it.

The livery that Air New Zealand chose for this aircraft is a one-off special variant, and it features an all-black fuselage with the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise logo printed in white on the rear 3/4 section of the plane. The standard Air New Zealand titles are in white, as are the engine nacelles. It’s a sharp looking aircraft!

From an illustration point of view, this one was more difficult to recreate than most. The black paint meant that I had to put much more detail into the gloss and reflections – details which aren’t normally visible on white and light-colored aircraft. Yeah, I did have to take a bit of artistic liberty on some of those highlights and reflections, but that’s what being an illustrator is all about: emphasizing what’s important, and down-playing what’s not. That means something different to every illustrator, and I’m willing to bet that anyone else who creates an illustration of this aircraft would choose to handle the reflections and highlights differently.

I give Air New Zealand huge props for making such a bold statement on a revolutionary aircraft such as this. The 787-9 is going to be hugely popular with the airlines and they played the launch customer role perfectly by designing such a stunning livery for an equally stunning aircraft.

Need this illustration with a white background? I’ve got it, and you can download it here.

free grassy morning sunrise powerpoint template

Although my primary creative interest lies solidly on the digital illustration side of things, I admit that I’ve always been a bit of a shutterbug. I have a deep appreciation for good photography, but I felt like I didn’t have the patience to do it myself – it takes a lot of effort to take really good pictures! Because of that, my camera never really came out of the bag unless I was traveling or doing out of the ordinary things.

That all changed when I got my first smartphone back in the summer of 2009. The quality of the camera in that iPhone 3GS wasn’t all that great, but having a camera with me wherever I went totally blew my mind (and greatly expanded my creative horizons). I found myself taking pictures of ordinary things that I never even considered in my pre-smartphone days, and as a result, I quickly started to build up a pretty nice collection of artistic photos to integrate into my work.

This PowerPoint template is a perfect example. It’s pretty rare for me to integrate photography into my stock digital assets, but I’ve decided to flex my creative muscles a bit and start utilizing growing photo collection. Those of you who have been following my work since the beginning will understand how radical of a departure this is for me!

Anyway – the cover slide of this presentation template is a photo that I took several weeks ago during an early-morning walk through the neighborhood. I thought it would be a perfect image for a presentation about the environment or any other type of “green” topic, and I gave it a little extra design spice by overlaying a frosted white transparent card over top. I think that a really thin 1-pixel line drawing of your company logo or icon would look really cool over top of that, so please feel free to experiment with this and make it your own.

You can download this template (for free, of course) by clicking here.

precision calipers presentation templates

I recently finished up a set of stock illustrations featuring precision metal calipers, and it dawned on me that the industrial designer in me really likes the design of those little things. No, not my own 3d illustrations (ha!), but the calipers themselves. You’ll see that they are truly works of art if you take the time to really study them, especially when they are built really well with the right amount of heft and silky smooth operation. Precision tools are an amazing thing.

Anyway, I had been kicking around some ideas for some stock presentation templates featuring calipers for a long time so I spent some time this week to knock a few out. I based all of these on this single upright caliper illustration – mostly because I think they look best in this position and I thought it would be easiest to build templates around them in a simple straight-on view.

This first keynote template is a colorful design featuring the calipers over top of a purple and gray background with an abstract blueprint-style drawing texture. It’s generic enough that you could use it for pretty much anything relating to engineering and design.

colorful metal calipers presentation theme

Fully editable Apple Keynote presentation template. Includes cover, text, and table pages. Precision calipers theme.

For the next template, I decided to strip out the color of the previous one (you know me…the king of monochrome) and use little splashes of color in strategic places to bring visual interest to the template. I tend to like this one better than the first, simply because it’s not so visually busy and it lets the content stand out a little more.

dark metal calipers presentation theme

Fully editable Apple Keynote presentation template. Includes cover, text, and table pages. Dark precision calipers theme.

Note: you can purchase high-res versions of the background images for both of the above templates here and here.

The next template is a lot simpler. I really liked that light orange accent color I had been using in the previous two templates so I wanted to create a light layout that used that specific color as the core of the design. I also decided to step away from that generic blueprint image in the background and keep things really simple instead. One other thing to note is that the cube icon on the cover slide can be removed and replaced with your own.

orange and white metal calipers presentation theme

Fully editable Apple Keynote presentation template. Includes cover, text, and table pages. Orange and white calipers theme.

The final two templates are based on that stacked cube icon that I created for the previous template. I intended that to be just a placeholder corporate logo icon (that you cold replace with your own), but I thought that it was a strong enough element to use as the basis of an abstract background texture. These two templates will probably be less useful to most because of the fact that the background pattern is based on the company logo/icon, but I included them here just in case there is an odd chance that someone likes them and can somehow integrate thier own brand into them.

Blue and gray block pattern precision calipers theme

Fully editable Apple Keynote presentation template. Includes cover, text, and table pages. Blue and gray block pattern precision calipers theme.

abstract large blue and gray blocks precision calipers theme

Fully editable Apple Keynote presentation template. Includes cover, text, and table pages. Abstract large blue and gray blocks precision calipers theme.

One final thing: you’ll need Keynote to open and edit these files (and then you can then export to Microsoft PowerPoint if you’d like). If you haven’t tried Keynote yet, do yourself a favor and start using it. No, it’s not as powerful as PowerPoint, but it’s user-friendliness and the way it handles elements with pixel-perfect precision makes up for that in a big way. It took me a while to fully convert over myself, but I’m glad I took the time to experiment with it.

United Airlines 747-400 illustration

A few days ago it dawned on me that I’ve only made one Boeing 747-400 illustration since completing my blank template of it last September. Considering that the 747 has always been my favorite aircraft, I thought that it would probably be a good (and fun) idea to start building up that collection.

Deciding which livery I would render was quite simple this time – which is rare for me. In my post about the Air China A330, I told you about how much I struggle trying to decide what exactly I want to work on before starting one of these illustrations – and I revealed that I’m now trying to focus on the aircraft that I’ve flown in the past (or will be flying soon). My trip to South Korea in a couple weeks from now is going to kick off with a SFO-PEK segment on a United Airlines 747-400, so the choice of what to illustrate was obvious.

As far as the livery goes, I’ve got to say that I’m bummed about how United chose to use the old Continental color scheme when they merged with them several years ago. While I’m sure they saved a ton of money doing it that way, the company was essentially reborn at that time and it would have been the perfect opportunity to press the reset button on their brand image and come up with something new and unrelated to these old and tired companies. Both of which, by the way, desperately needed to shed years of bad publicity (bankruptcy, poor service, etc) and emerge as a fresh new brand. Why they chose to save a few dollars and stick with the old look is beyond me.

That said, I actually don’t mind this livery all that much. The straight horizontal cheat line through the center of the fuselage is somewhat dated, but the light colors compliment the vivid blue and gold in the logo nicely. And heck – nearly anything looks good on the 747!

Need this illustration over a white background? You can download it here.

hello kitty electronic circuit board

I’ve been making stock illustrations featuring the logos of popular companies for several years now, and up until this point, I’ve always focused on brands that are either interesting to me or very newsworthy in some form or another. On top of that, it’s pretty obvious that I’m pretty much entrenched into my own style of 3d illustration – l use lots of metal and glass textures with very limited color, and I’ve never been a big fan of trying to create overly-detailed artwork. Simplicity rocks! I realize that my stye is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but to be perfectly honest, I’m not trying to make everyone happy. You either like my stuff or you don’t. :-)

So what happens when I decide to break out of my comfort zone a bit and create a series of illustrations for a brand that I’d not normally consider? Let me explain…

My wife is a huge fan of anything related to Hello Kitty, and I’m not going to lie when I say that her interest in that little cat has affected me in ways I never thought imaginable. It’s to the point now where I know the history of the brand, all the names of the characters, and of course…I’ve got a house filled with trinkets and gadgets adorned with bright pink and white Hello Kitty markings (all of which belong to her, by the way). This crazy cartoon character has been etched into such a large portion of my brain that the choice to create a set of Hello Kitty stock illustrations was all mine – she had absolutely nothing to do with this. I realize that could be considered grounds for turning in my man card, but hey…I thought it might be fun considering that I don’t normally focus on these sorts of brands.

I knew right from the start that I wasn’t going to recreate Hello Kitty into a round, plush-like 3d character. That’s just not what I do. Instead, I wanted to see what would happen when I modeled the iconic shape of Hello Kitty in my usual ways, which means simple geometry built with industrial materials like metal and glass. It’s a very masculine style, I know, and I didn’t know what was going to happen when I applied that style to something so feminine.

Long story short, I don’t consider this image set to be one of my best. I guess that my expectations (and excitement) were too high, and there were a few frustrating moments along the way. Trying to create conceptual 3d illustrations which mix high-tech and industrial textures and objects with girly cartoon themes was not easy, and it was challenging to end up with illustrations that I felt were truly useful as stock imagery. In that sense, I don’t think I succeeded.

But to say that I’m happy that I got this out of my system is an understatement. It was a fun experiment, but I think I’ll stick with the “manly” brands going forward.

Addicted to Hello Kitty

3d rendering of a Hello Kitty character surrounded by four large red and white drug capsules

hello kitty electronic circuit over white

3d rendering of an extruded circuit board with a Hello Kitty charcter integrated into it over a white isolated background

hello kitty with NEW tag

3d rendering of a bright red glossy NEW tag attached to a simple metal-framed Hello Kitty character over a dark gray reflective surface

hello kitty paint

3d rendering of two large buckets of paint behind a transparent glass Hello Kitty character over a dark gray reflective surface

Glowing Hello Kitty

3d rendering of a glowing pink transparent Hello Kitty over a bright pink textured background

hello kitty precision

3d rendering of a pair of precision calipers measuring the thickness of a chrome Hello Kitty character

Flat Hello Kitty Circuit Board

2d illustration of a white Hello Kitty head integrated into a pink electronic circuit board pattern

Transparent Pink Hello Kitty Character

3d rendering of a bright pink transparent Hello Kitty over a black and pink textured background

Want to see more? I’ve got a handful of other Hello Kitty illustrations available on my online store. Click on the image below to see the entire collection:

more hello kitty illustrations

Additional Hello Kitty 3d renderings are available on my online store

air china a330-200 side view illustration

Of all the airline livery illustrations I’ve done to date, this might be the least exciting of the bunch. There’s not a whole lot of cutting-edge design that went into this livery, and the two-tone paint separated by the blue pinstriped cheat lines are straight out of the 1980’s. The unfortunate thing about this is that China has been known to produce some really nice airline liveries in recent years – China Airlines has a nice one, and I’m especially digging the Hainan Airlines paint scheme. Hopefully the folks at Air China have taken note of those two and are making their own plans for an exiting new rebranding effort.

So why did I take the time to make this illustration? Well, I’m going to South Korea next month, and one of my flight segments is on a Air China A330 – just like this one. And since I always struggle trying to figure out which aircraft / airline combo I want to render whenever I feel like doing airliner art, I thought it would be easiest if I just focus on the ones that I’ve flown on in the past – or something coming up in the near future.

Seriously, you have no idea how much I flip-flop and procrastinate when it comes to this kind of stuff. I do all my Norebbo illustration work in my spare time, and the process of choosing what to work on usually takes longer than creating the artwork itself. The problem is that there’s just too much I want to do (and not enough hours in the day to do it all) so it’s easy to get “deer in the headlights” syndrome when faced with too many options. Anything to help me focus is good!

Anyway, back to the Air China livery. The logo is something that I actually like quite a bit, and I think that they could focus on that and make that play a bigger part in the livery design. I’m all for exaggerating nice design elements, and there are so many nice shapes with clean negative space in that logo that could translate well into a larger abstract pattern for the fuselage. If I had more spare time I’d like to take a crack at that myself…

Just like all my other airliner art, I’ve got a simpler version of this illustration over a white background over at my online store if you need it.

HA A330 side view drawing

I don’t consider myself to be a lazy person, but I’m starting to notice a disturbing trend. In my last post, I said that the Malaysia Airlines 777 illustration I uploaded had been in my archives for over a year in an unfinished state. And right now, I’m posting a Hawaiian Airlines A330-200 illustration that’s been sitting half-done since last September. I’m starting to have doubts about my vigor as an illustrator…

All kidding aside, billable projects are largely responsible for my lack of personal illustration projects over the past year or so. It’s been a busy year, and the truth is that I often don’t have the energy to sit down and work on 3d renderings or aircraft illustrations in the evenings after a long day of banging out stuff for my clients. So as you can see, it’s not really about laziness – but it is kind of frustrating being so busy and not having the energy to work on the side projects that I love doing so much.

I had a bit of extra time over the past few days (woo-hoo!), so I thought it would be a great opportunity to dig my half-complete Hawaiian A330 illustration out of the archives. The aircraft was still in unshaded line-art format in Illustrator, and the tail art was still very crude and loose from where I left off last September. It was a ton of work to get it where it was three days ago to the illustration you see above. And I’m not going to lie – the tail art was so frustratingly complex that I gave up on it about two hours in. I came very close to throwing it back into my archives (still unfinished), but several hours later I rolled up my sleeves and declared that this one had to be finished.

Why the urgency? Well, the Hawaiian Airlines livery is my favorite airline color scheme of them all and I thought it was odd that I didn’t have it in my archives. I’m usually not a fan of predominately white aircraft (booooring), but the design of the tail section – along with the bright / tropical colors – makes this one very appealing. Even my wife agrees – she walked into the room as I was exporting the logo out of Illustrator to Photoshop and said (and I quote): “ooooh, very pretty”. Don’t you agree?

In addition to the fully rendered version with the colorful background (at the top of this post), I’ve also got a version of it over a white background. You can find that image here.