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A client of mine had recently asked me to come up with a series of ideas for some banner flags that wrapped around progress bars. His project involves the need to display loads of dynamic information to his users (though a web-based interface), and he was unhappy with his current layout. After some preliminary creative brainstorming sessions, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

Normally I shy away from using Adobe Illustrator for these types of tasks – I know, that’s not exactly “designerly” of me, but the truth of the matter is that I am much faster in Photoshop than anything else. But there were two things that pushed me to consider doing this work entirely in Illustrator. First, I had made it a personal goal of mine at the beginning of the year to flex my creative muscles a bit and learn new techniques. Second, I was given more time than usual to complete this task – he wasn’t in any particular hurry to replace what he already had, and all of this work was for his planned 2.0 release early next year. As rare as far-reaching project deadlines are, I knew that I had to take advantage of this opportunity.

So…what you see here are some of my preliminary concepts. The goal was to create a family of shapes and objects that would wrap around a progress bar, almost making it bit mechanical-looking. The design of the progress bars weren’t important at this stage – we were just looking at some possibilities for the shapes and how they intersected the bars underneath. To create the illusion of depth, I played a bit with transparency and reflections – not an easy task to do in 2d for this 3d designer! I think I did alright, though I was thinking the whole time that “I could do this sooo much faster in Photoshop or Form-Z”.

Ultimately, these preliminary concepts led to a completely different design (and a mighty clever one at that) so I’m offering this set as a freebie. Feel free to download and use these however you wish, though as always, I would be highly appreciative of some credit if there is any way for you to sneak it into your layout.

Click here (or on the image above) to download the source Adobe Illustrator 5.5 vector file.

I was organizing some of my old project files last night, and I came across these vector kitchen appliance drawings that I made about eight years ago. I hate to leave stuff like this locked away in my archives, because I feel like it’s a waste to keep them for myself when there is probably someone else out there that could put them to good use.

Anyway, this is a set of four individual kitchen appliance drawings combined into one file. Theres a microwave, oven, and dishwasher (all with open doors) – plus a stacked double oven too. Each of these illustrations are completely generic, which means that there are no identifiable logos or style characteristics that associate them with real products.

Clicking on the image will take you directly to the zip file, which contains two vector drawings: one is in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) CS3 format, and the other is in EPS (.eps) format. Feel free to use these images however you wish. Enjoy!

Have you noticed these crazy looking QR codes starting to pop up everywhere? They are basically bar codes on steroids – with the proper software, you can scan these codes with your mobile device and they will link you to a website containing more information about the product you are looking at. These QR codes have been in use for many years in Japan, and are just now starting to gain popularity here in the US – and it’s starting to catch on like wildfire.

Anyway, I have just finished a large batch of illustrations featuring QR codes – more specifically, THIS one that I built in Adobe Illustrator. You’ll start seeing those illustrations soon, but for now, feel free to use this vector QR code however you wish. Click on the image to download a zip file containing both an .ai and .eps source file.


vector Twitter bird in eps format

Ok, I’m not much of a vector artist, but here is a recent illustration I made of a blue Twitter bird holding a mobile phone. You may or not have noticed, but it’s the graphic that I’m using to link to my own Twitter account at the bottom of the far right hand column of this site. It’s in .eps format (Adobe Illustrator CS3) – but let me know if you’d like it saved in a different version.