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The more I think about Twitter and it’s corporate identity, the more puzzled I become. To me, it seems as if the Twitter brand is fragmenting somewhat and I don’t think it’s doing them any good. Today, there are three common objects used to represent the brand: the “t” logo, the “twitter” text logo, and a myriad of publicly created Twitter bird graphics scattered throughout the web. It seems as if the Twitter birds are the most popular amongst those who tweet, yet it’s not something that is commonly used by Twitter itself. Is Twitter losing control over it’s corporate identity? Has the public shunned the official logo(s) and defined a mark of their own? These are just some of the things bouncing around my head at the moment.¬†Anyway, here are the details about this collection of images:

  • A Twitter logo sitting on a green American football field
  • A Twitter logo being carried by a silver hand truck
  • A Twitter logo inside of a heart
  • A Twitter logo standing upright on a laptop keyboard
  • A Twitter logo spilling out of an overturned office building
  • A Twitter logo sitting inside of a red and white life saver