One of the good things about working with picky clients is that I usually end up with a lot of “spare parts” that I can use for other projects. That really comes in handy when deadlines are tight and there isn’t much time to create a lot of custom icons and illustrations from scratch!

I’m currently working with a really great team who is also really (really) picky when it comes to graphics and general design issues – they’ve got me working very hard, but I have to say that they are pushing me to produce very good work. Probably some of the best work I have done in my career to this point. That isn’t to say that the situation is totally ideal, because in order to find a design solution they can all be happy with, I usually end up doing 5-10 concepts for each element. That’s usually not a bad  way to be creative and produce great work – but not when the project deadlines are insanely short!

Long story short, we were trying to find an icon style to integrate into the project a while back and one of the ideas that I had was to create little 3d objects using FormZ. My personal opinion was that this style of iconography would fit well into our budding design language, and I was really excited to present this concept to the team. But like it happens so many times, my excitement was diffused in an instant when it was shot down right out of the gate. I didn’t even get a chance to finish presenting it – the creative director of the project took one look at them and declared that he wasn’t interested. Bummer.

But hey, maybe someday I’ll finish this set to use in another project (which I can pretty much bet won’t be for this client). It’s just a small set at this point, consisting of an open box, toy robot, and stack of books. All are rendered in a silver metallic texture, and I’ve included a small example of each with a generic graphic on them just to show how they could be customized.

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