Photo gallery website template in Photoshop (PSD) format

Website template preview
Website template preview
Fully editable gallery website template in Photoshop (PSD) format

When it comes to visual design, I often try a lot of different things before settling on one clear direction. This photo gallery website template is one such example. I created it back in 2009 just as I was starting to plan the Norebbo online presence, and as you can see, I was actually thinking about building my own custom image gallery site. I was pretty excited about doing everything myself and created three page templates in Photoshop before I realized how much of a nightmare it was going to be without a CMS (content management system) behind it to manage everything. I’m not code guy at all, so while I wouldn’t have any problems building the structure in HTML and CSS, I would have a ton of issues managing it over the long term. That’s when I discovered the power of WordPress, and the rest is history.

This website template includes a homepage, gallery page, and text page. It was designed to showcase a large collection of images in a very clean and simple way, making them the primary focus of the design. It’s built around a simple grid system, with rectangular modules that can be inserted and removed however you want to do it. There’s even blank modules for advertising images and banners.

Now that I have no need for it, I thought I’d offer it here to anyone who would like to use it. And sorry, HTML and CSS is not included. That’s probably just as well because I’d imagine you’d want to do a lot of personal customization to it anyway.

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