Fully editable active and inactive progress bars in Photoshop (PSD) format

One of the advantages of working with a picky client is that I usually end up with a lot of cool “extra” graphics and parts that don’t make it into final design layouts. Such is the case with these progress bar designs. It’s actually just one design – the top version is the active state, and the bottom is the inactive state. My thought was that when the progress bar became active (per my client’s specs), it would be visually enhanced to show an outer glow, glossy reflection, and status text beneath. An added bonus would be a tag-style callout to show critical points or information.

You could probably do anything you want with the colors – as a matter of fact, I tried this in a multitude of vibrant tones and it held together pretty well. But it just so happened that my client’s UI is dark gray.

Even though I designed these to be download progress bars, they would also work well to be loading indicators too.

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