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Just to make up for yesterday’s boring background textures I posted, here are six more free abstract background images with bit more polish and shine. I’ve actually been working on these illustrations for months – but I could never find the time to finish them. I really hate having unfinished projects in my queue, so I made it a point this morning to finish up this set before doing anything else. Feels good to be done with them!

Anyway, this set is completely nature-based. All six of these background images contain transparent blue and green plant leaves overlapping themselves to create somewhat of a soft and blurry texture which blends into the background. I’ll admit that soft-style renderings such as these are not my normal style, but it was kind of fun to break out of my shell a little bit and try something new. I really like transparency in my images, and it’s easy to do when I combine some 3d elements (like globes) with flat 2d graphics created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Now that I’m finished with these, I have noticed that they are all “left-justified” – meaning that I placed the primary elements (leaves and globes) on the left for each one. I didn’t intend to do that! If I had the energy I’d go back and mirror a couple of these so that the set is a little bit more diverse. Oh well – I’ve spent long enough on these so it’s time to move on to something else.

Did you know that you can buy higher resolution versions of these nature-themed background images on my online store?

Okay, this isn’t going to be a very exciting set of images today – but hey…you can’t complain about free graphics, right? Today’s batch of free illustrations consists of background images and textures. Rather boring by themselves, I know, but oh-so-useful when it comes to integrating them into other projects. Take a close look at a few of these – have you noticed elements of them being used in some of my other royalty free illustrations and renderings? Yep, I admit it – I tend to get a lot of mileage out of my illustrations and I’ll end up creatively “recycling” many of them as needed to help other images look halfway decent. It’s actually pretty rare these days that I’ll start a new illustration completely from scratch. I’ve been making images for over six years now and I’ve got hundreds of gigabytes of files on my hard drives from which to sample from. These six background textures are part of my much-used archive. Here’s what I’ve uploaded for you today:

  • A dark blue background image with transparent blocks floating above a rippled texture
  • A digital blue and magenta pattern over a white background
  • A series of red squares and stripes overlapping each other
  • A background texture consisting of green stripes pinched at the center
  • Transparent blue stripes over top of a glowing blue background
  • Light blue transparent stripes over a white background

I don’t know why, but I’ve been in a mood for background illustrations lately. Perhaps it’s because I feel like I haven’t produced any good background textures lately, and knowing how much of a perfectionist I am, it just kills my productivity. Hard to explain, really – I just do better work if I feel like I’m producing good things. So with that, here are six fresh new background images featuring an element I haven’t used before: smoke!

It was kind of an interesting experiment, as I’m not really comfortable doing “loose” illustrations. My comfort zone is most definitely within the bounds of straight edges and geometric patterns. Do you like? I’ll admit that I do, thank you very much. Perhaps I’ll do more in the coming weeks.

Yes, I do have larger versions of these background images. You can download them at my official online store.