Alaska Airlines 737-890 Illustration

Alaska Airlines is one of my favorite air carriers, so I’ve been wanting to create a detailed side-view illustration of one of their 737-800’s for quite some time. The problem was that “Chester” (the Eskimo depicted on the vertical stabilizer) is very detailed and it was going to require a lot of time to draw it for myself and get it to look right. Considering how busy I’ve been lately, finding time was difficult. Also difficult was recreating the “Alaska” font on the forward fuselage. That’s a totally custom font so it would be necessary to recreate it from scratch.

But earlier this week I decided to sit down and get it done. I spent several hours a night over a span of three days to create the artwork, and then another night to apply that to my existing Boeing 737-800 template that I created a while ago. It was a lot of work, and I’m happy to say that it’s done!

For anyone who would like to use these side profile illustrations for their own blog, here is the same artwork as above without the background:

Alaska Airlines 737-800
Side view illustration of an Alaska Airlines 737-890 over a white background

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