Southwest 737-700 side view

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Southwest Airlines have always had bold liveries that have drawn attention. The original “mustard rocket” colors were unlike anything else in the air at that time, and the current blue, yellow, and orange get-up is in a league of it’s own as well. So yeah – the designer in me naturally gives them a lot of credit for bucking the trend and doing something different than most of the other airlines (who prefer stark-white fuselages with small splashes of color here and there).

I’ve been putting off illustrating a Southwest 737 for a long time and wouldn’t you know it, soon after I finished it,  Southwest threw everyone a curve ball with the announcement of a brand new livery which placed more emphasis on the “Southwest” titles. That means I’ve got to play catch-up now and illustrate a version of that one. That’s the trouble with doing airliner art – the industry moves fast and it will never be possible for one person to draw them all. At least I have something to keep me busy until I die…

Really though, I’m not bugged by it. I actually like documenting the old airliner liveries the most, and since I eventually plan on creating renderings of every single Southwest color scheme, this means one less I’ll have to do later on. The mustard rocket colors are most interesting to me though, so you’ll likely see that one first.

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  1. John

    Very nice illustration. Just don’t ever fly Southwest. It is like being on a bus in Metro Detroit.

  2. pheonix

    im wondering if you can do the e195 soon?

  3. Norebbo Author

    Are there any visual differences between the 190 and 195? I’ve already created the 190 (, so hopefully that will help!

  4. can you do the MRJ family? by the way great aircraft ,flew on one on new years eve

  5. also im pretty sure that there is a difference between the 190 and 195 its just about 4 ft. longer because it can hold a larger max capacity of 114 while the 190 is about 94

  6. and if you go to you will see the difference

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