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A long time ago I created some 3d LinkedIn logo illustrations for my royalty-free stock image collection, and I was happy to see how people used some of them. I saw these illustrations on business cards, websites, presentation templates, – and even a t-shirt! Unfortunately, the presentation templates I saw were very simple and I always thought about making some of my own. This is the first one.

The cover slide features a slightly modified version of one of my most popular LinkedIn logo illustrations. It consists of a pile of 3d LinkedIn app icons arranged in no particular order, placed over top of a two-tone blue background. The right side of the slide is very image-heavy but the left is kept clean and open for your title text. Speaking of title text, I should mention that I know that I always seem to provide the same phrase over and over again for all my templates (“Your Cool Presentation Title Should Go in This Space”) so apologies if you are sick of that by now. I’ll try to change it up in the future… 😉

The rest of the template uses a color scheme that plays off the vivid blues in the LinkedIn logo, which makes the whole thing seem dark, but still vibrant and colorful. And if you feel that there is too much blue here, adding orange accents here and there will brighten up the template a lot while still staying true to the brand. I know that many of my templates are very monochromatic, and some people don’t like that – so feel free to experiment and make it your own!

I think there is a lot you could do with template, especially considering how hot social media topics are at the moment. Even though this template only features one brand, I believe it’s still fully relevant for any topic related to social networking in general. Like it? You can download it here.

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