Green nature scene PowerPoint template

Several weeks ago I uploaded a PowerPoint template that I called “grassy morning sunrise”. The cover slide photo (and general color scheme of the deck) was based on a photo I took while on a morning walk through our neighborhood a while back, and overall, I liked the way it turned out.

But there was something about it that was bugging me, and it took me a little while to put my finger on what exactly it was. I liked the colors and the light quite a bit. The typography seemed to work ok. The accent colors of the interior slides seemed to be working as well. But…that frosted transparent panel on the cover was something I wasn’t quite sure about. At first I liked it, and then I started to think that it was unnecessary and somewhat distracting. The background photo of the bright green grass and the trees was visually rich, and I was starting to think that I made a mistake by masking it with that frosted overlay.

These kinds of things eat at me until I make them right. I knew I could do a better job with that template, so I rolled up my sleeves and made another attempt with a version that didn’t include that transparent panel on the cover slide. I also chose not to crop the photo as tightly as I did in the original version, as I thought that the sidewalk on the left side of the image helped the composition quite a bit. The interior slides are mostly the same – only a few minor color changes were necessary.

So what do you think? Is this one better than the other? I tend to think it is, but I’m curious if anyone else has an opinion!

Click here to download this template in .zip format.

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