Medical and healthcare template for PowerPoint

medical and healthcare PowerPoint theme

A sterile blue and white medical and healthcare theme for PowerPoint

I’m never really sure how my stock illustrations will be used, but every now and then I create one with a single purpose in mind. The medical symbol illustration used on the cover slide of this PowerPoint template was created with the thought that it would be perfect as the cover of a book or presentation – hence the reason for the large white borders along the top or bottom. These borders act as a nice frame for the image, as well as helping to give the image a clean and sterile feel (which makes sense for a medical theme). Yeah, I know that the perfect stock image is one that isn’t so focused, but hey – sometimes the visual designer in me can’t help myself.

Anyway, aside from the cover slide, this is a very simple and clean PowerPoint template. The interior slides are pure white – and I hate to use the word “sterile”, but yeah…they are. That’s totally by design, of course, as I think that any sort of presentation template related to the healthcare and medical field needs to look clean and pure in order to increase credibility.

To be honest, I had a little bit of difficulty trying to come up with a good design for the interior pages. I tried a few things like adding a large nearly-invisible (watermarked) medical symbol to the center, but it just got in the way of the content. Adding color was a bit difficult as well because of my intention to keep things as clean as possible. In the end, I just decided to add a small 90% black version of the medical symbol to the bottom left corner. I think it’s a nice design detail without being too distracting.

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