American football PowerPoint template

American football PowerPoint template

American football PowerPoint template featuring a glass football over a glowing football field

It’s football season again here in the US, and although I’m not a huge sports fan, I’m excited for the start of the 2013-2014 season. Mostly because my pathetic Fantasy football team has finished in dead last place for the past few years – I think of this new season as a new opportunity and a fresh start.

To get inspired, I just wrapped up a series of stock illustrations featuring NFL logos. I also created a couple football-specific images without the NFL branding, just to have something available for folks who might need generic football-specific images instead. My favorite one happens to be the one you see on the cover page of this PowerPoint template. It’s a 3d rendering of a transparent glass football sitting in front of a glowing green football field over a really dark background. I think it works pretty well as the cover slide image – it’s visually powerful and bright, and it should get the attention of your audience immediately.

I had an equally powerful design created for the background of the interior slides, but I decided against using it due to past feedback I’ve received from clients regarding this kind of stuff. “Make it plain white” is one of the most common requests I get – because adding too much complexity to the design of the content slides can make them difficult to work with. It also makes them quite painful to sit through as an audience member if the presenter doesn’t do a very good job integrating their content into the template.

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