1. Awesome Pinterest Logos! Is this ok to use in my blog? With your link.

  2. Hi, is it ok to use one of these for a blog post image? Its tagged as ‘free’ but I just wanted to check..

    Thank you 🙂

  3. Norebbo Author

    Absolutely – please use them and enjoy!

  4. Norebbo Author

    Yes, these images are totally free and you may use them on your blog.


  5. Noreebo, excellent.
    Best Pinterest logos. Awesome job. Going to use one of them on my page.



  6. Awesome Logos! Is this ok to use in my blog & FBpage ? With your link.

  7. Norebbo Author

    Thanks Murph – hope it works well for you!

  8. Norebbo Author

    Absolutely Snoe – enjoy!

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