Facebook app icon illustrations

I’ve already got a fairly large collection of Facebook logo renderings available, but for some reason I just can’t ever seem to “finish” the series. After each set, I always tell myself that I’m done and that there is really no point in making additional illustrations. However, social media is such a hot topic these days and new ideas relating to Facebook logo illustrations are popping into my head all the time. I just can’t stop!

The idea for this particular collection of illustrations was something that I have been tinkering with for a while, and I finally got around to wrapping it up. My thought was this: social media apps (such as Facebook and Twitter) are amazing tools, and ¬†we use them as “containers” to neatly organize our personal lives. Never before in history have we had a platform to to express ourselves and pour our personal information out to the world for all to see – and I find it fascinating to see what society fills those “containers” with. I wanted to create a set of illustrations that captured that line of thinking.

Since I already had a basic screwed-together Facebook logo icon built, I decided to disassemble it and place the primary focus on the inside. The icon has been split in half, and the top portion has been set to the side to reveal the inside section – which just so happens to look like an injection-molded plastic piece. Some are more abstract than others, but it was fun to think about the logo as a container and placing objects inside of it to represent different conceptual ideas.

facebook stats illustration

A disassembled Facebook app icon with a glowing blue pulse graphic inside

facebook photos illustration

A disassembled Facebook app icon with two blank instant photos on the inside

facebook audio illustration

A disassembled Facebook app icon with a large audio speaker on the inside

facebook for android illustration

A disassembled Facebook app icon showing a glowing green Android logo on the inside

facebook addiction illustration

A disassembled Facebook app icon with red and white drug capsules inside

facebook search illustration

A disassembled Facebook app icon with a glowing green radar screen on the inside

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