UX PowerPoint presentation cover template

Presentation cover screenshot

Blue and gray presentation cover template. Click on the image to download it.

I recently created a TON of concepts for a UX-themed PowerPoint template, and there are a lot of leftover designs that I have no idea what to do with. One reason why I have so many is that my client was looking for several templates to use on a rotating basis – which seems to be a smart idea for anyone who gives presentations frequently. It keeps your content looking fresh and your audience interested (especially if it’s the same audience over and over again). The other reason is that I really enjoy creating presentation templates. Variations of these things are very easy for me to produce, and I find myself tweaking forever and telling myself to stop and move on…

This blue and gray cover page template is in a fully editable layered format (PSD), so you’ll be able to move things around and adjust the design however you wish before you import everything into PowerPoint or any other presentation software such as Keynote. It’s very simple, and the premise of the design is that the X from “UX” becomes sort of an abstract graphic element and part of the visual structure of the slide. The good thing is that it’s abstract enough that you can even use this template even if you don’t need to have a User Experience theme.

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