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Silver and gray smartphone template screenshot

Silver and gray smartphone cover page template for PowerPoint or Keynote

I don’t know what it is, but somehow I always gravitate to metal textures in all my design work. It’s funny how it works that way, and I swear that I’m not doing it on purpose! But I’ve come to accept that this is my style and I really enjoy experimenting with it and trying to integrate those kinds of textures into whatever it is that I’m doing. With that said, I present to you another presentation cover template with mobile devices over a metallic silver and gray background. It’s actually a variant of this one that I uploaded a few days ago, and it’s interesting to see how that even though the mobile devices are the same, the mood is completely different with just a background swap.

The good thing about this cover page template is that the screen on the forward facing smartphone is blank – so inserting your own screenshots or any other kind of graphic should be really easy. Plus, it will make this template uniquely yours! Just add your elements in Photoshop, save to JPG, and import into PowerPoint or Keynote.


  1. Belinda

    Thanks Scott! From México

  2. Norebbo Author

    No problem!

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