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Transparent tubes presentation cover page template

Click to download this fully editable PSD presentation cover slide

Every now and then I go on a huge binge creating abstract background elements and textures to use in my projects, and the transparent tubes that are the main feature of this presentation cover page template are the result of my latest one. I’ve spent about 20 hours this week creating these abstract backgrounds, and I believe it to be well worth my time considering how much mileage I’m going to get from these renderings over the coming months.

This cover page template is definitely one of my favorites so far. The top section is visually rich with loads of transparency and gloss, while the lower portion was intentionally left plain and simple to allow space for a corporate logo or other information. And actually, even though I put the presentation title in the upper section, it would work just as well to leave that area blank and put all the text in the gray section below. I mocked up a version of that and it didn’t look so bad.

All of the text on this presentation cover page template is fully editable, and you can extract the background and import it into PowerPoint or Keynote . Of course you can use it as it is without changes, but I’d encourage you to change it to your heart’s content to make it something that is truly unique and specific to your needs. I always get a kick seeing how people use my work, no matter how extensive the modifications are!

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  1. Italo

    Excelente tu trabajo, lo descarge y pude editarlo sin problemas, lo que si, te queria hacer una consulta, tendrás el archivo para editar el background?. Gracias.

  2. Norebbo Author

    Hi – my Spanish is not that great, but I think I understand what you are asking. Please feel free to contact me directly (via the contact form) if you would like me to customize an image for you. Gracias!

  3. Italo

    Ok, my English is not that great too, but just would like know if you have the editable file of background, because I’m doing a presentation in power point, so you published the transparent tubes template but that template is only for the presentation of the topic. Do you understand me?, I hope that yes.
    Thank in advance.

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