You may recall the first series of Think Tank illustrations that I uploaded a couple weeks ago (or not, it’s ok). Those Think Tanks were literally high-pressure containers with stickers on them, and they matched what a former colleague of mine had envisioned “Think Tanks” to be. Since that post, I have received a few messages from readers who agreed with me that it was kind of an odd representation of the metaphor. I knew it!

So with that in mind, I thought it would be a fun challenge to come up with my own idea for what a “Think Tank” should look like. I knew it had to be made of transparent glass. I also knew that the liquid inside had to be fully transparent as well. But what about some other features that would help identify it as a “tank for thinking”? That part was tough – best I could come up with was embedding the words “Think” into the rim of the glass. I also considered putting a sticker on the side, but I found that it covered up too much of the objects floating in the water. I guess there really isn’t one correct way of doing it, so I hope what you see here makes sense. Anyway, here is a more detailed description of what I have come up with:

  • A transparent blue globe floating inside of a large glass Think Tank
  • A big silver metallic medical symbol floating inside of a large glass Think Tank
  • Three large pencils sitting inside of a large transparent Think Tank filled with water
  • Two large magnifying glasses sitting in a glass Think Tank
  • An large brass padlock floating inside of a transparent glass Think Tank
  • A large wrench and screwdriver sitting in a glass Think Tank filled with a transparent liquid

Yes! I’ve got more Think Tank illustrations in my online store.

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