I spend a good amount of time every day trying to think of new ideas for my conceptual stock image collection. Sometimes it’s a struggle, but other times it just comes to me without much thought. Case in point: this new series of 3d renderings featuring fuel gauges. I actually came up with the idea for this collection last weekend while filling up my car with gas, which is a bit ironic considering that filling my car with gas has never been creative activity for me in the past. I was just standing there daydreaming as normal, aimlessly looking around…until I took notice of the gas price sign. Holy moly!  Gas prices are not something that I notice (or think about) on a daily basis, so it was quite a shock to see them at such high levels. It was right then and there that I swear I heard the clicking noise of the pump turn into something that sounded more like a ringing cash register instead.

Everybody is affected by the cost of fuel, so I thought that it would be a good idea to create a small collection of images featuring a gas gauge as a central element. Here’s a description of this set:

  • Two large gold and black AA batteries positioned in front of an upright automotive gas gauge showing a full tank
  • A glossy gas gauge inside of the central part of an automotive brake rotor with a red caliper
  • A glossy fuel gauge resting on top of two generic credit cards
  • A large automotive fuel gauge floating in a glass of transparent liquid
  • A big magnifying glass hovering over top of a circular gas gauge
  • Top-down view of a silver trophy with a fuel gauge inside

Need more fuel gauge illustrations? I’ve got more over on my online store.

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  1. liza snyman

    can u please sent me a Quotation on what on of that trophies coast

  2. Norebbo Author

    Hi Liza – you can see pricing information for that image by following this link:

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