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A few years ago I had a discussion with a design colleague about “think tanks”. The definition for that which I have always had in my mind was something like a large room or container where people go to think. In other words, a large private room to brainstorm and think of ideas. However, my colleague jokingly made a comment about needing to purchase a “think tank” so he could come up with better ideas, and it was the first time I had ever heard the term used in that context. It sparked quite a debate, and it ended with him thinking I was nuts for thinking about it as a large room of some kind. Was I right, or was he? I don’t think there is a definitive answer for that.

I have never forgot about that discussion, and I have always wanted to make a series of stock illustrations featuring think tanks – just as my colleague had described. Here is the first set of images from that collection:

  • A large blue think tank lying on its side over a dark gray reflective surface
  • A big high pressure think tank standing behind a pair of dark sunglasses
  • A blue think tank wearing a large red and white lifesaver
  • A large blue high-pressure think tank with a thick metallic hose connected to the nozzle
  • A large blue think tank wearing two large gears over a reflective steel surface
  • A big blue high pressure think tank lying on it’s side over a white reflective surface with a thick metallic hose attached to the nozzle

Need these think tank images in resolutions up to 5000px wide? They are available in my online store.

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