I have recently rediscovered my interest in using automotive brakes as a metaphor for creative “stop” or “quit” concepts. They are very iconic in form for a variety of applications, so I’m kind of surprised that I didn’t develop a set like this a long time ago. Since the Norebbo 3d image collection is all about whimsical concepts and metaphors, I decided it was time to do something about that. I have a handful more of these that I’ve yet to render in full size so I’ll be sure to get them uploaded as I can fit them into my rendering schedule.

Here’s a more detailed description of the entire set:

  • A large automotive brake rotor lying face up with a bright green radar screen in the center
  • The same brake and radar illustration as noted above, but this time it’s angled upwards for a different arrangement
  • A vented brake rotor sitting on a stack of credit cards
  • A large brake rotor with a red caliper wearing an audio headset
  • A large automotive brake rotor and caliper in a puddle of silver liquid
  • An overturned trash can with a vented brake rotor spilling out of it

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