Here are the last batch of my data pulse illustrations – after this there, are no more! Well, there’s always the chance that I’ll make some more, but I’ve been busy with other design projects lately (so don’t hold your breath). As always, you are free to use these images however you wish, but all I ask is that you do not redistribute them without my permission.

Here are some brief descriptions for each of these six images:

  • Two large AA batteries lying in front of a framed glowing blue pulse graphic
  • A data pulse graphic embedded into the side of a silver file folder with rivets
  • A circular blue data pulse graphic standing behind a simple white two-story house
  • A dense array of binary digits orbiting around a glowing blue data pulse
  • A data pulse graphic in a circular frame surrounded by a velvet rope barrier
  • Two large dumbbells lying in front of an upright glowing blue data pulse graphic

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