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You may have noticed a few months back that I created a vector QR code graphic to use in some upcoming images. Since then, I’ve been busy trying to integrate it into as many illustrations as I can – and here are some of the results! QR codes are actually kind of tough to integrate into my 3d renderings because I think they are very busy looking, and I don’t like how random they are. But hey – they were never designed to be pretty so I guess that my complaints don’t hold much weight.

I always like a challenge though, so I definitely had a lot of fun making every one of these QR code illustrations. I’ve got a lot more of them in my online store too, so definitely check that out if you need these types of illustrations to integrate into your projects.

Anyway, here is a brief description of each of these six free images:

  • A framed QR code standing upright behind a pile of chrome screws and springs
  • A framed QR code standing upright behind a white two-story house
  • Four QR codes attached to a large red magnet
  • A large brass key lying in front of an upright framed QR code
  • Transparent blue binary digits orbiting around a framed QR code
  • A framed QR code standing upright on top of automotive wheels and tires on a red reflective surface

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