I hate to admit it, but creating the medical symbol (er…”caduceus”) image map for these renderings was a total pain in the butt for me. In order to get this image into my 3d renderings, I had to create a vector drawing of it that could then be mapped into my 3d wireframes. Those of you paying attention know that I’m not a vector artist at all, so it was pretty difficult for me to get this caduceus image looking correct. As a matter of fact, it took me over six months to create! Really – I started it last October, then put it aside when I got too frustrated. I tinkered with it off and on for the next six months, and I finally got it to the point where it was good enough this past March. So please…use these images well! It would make up for all the grief it gave me along the way. Anyway, here’s what this set includes:

  • A glowing blue medical symbol standing upright behind a pile of screws and springs
  • A simple hand truck carrying a framed medical symbol
  • Deteriorating Health – a melting medical symbol
  • Three red and white pills arranged in front of an upright glowing medical symbol
  • A framed medical symbol lying upright on a map of the United States
  • Two large dumbbells sitting in front of an upright glowing medical symbol

Need larger versions? They are available on my online store – along with many more medical symbol illustrations not shown here.

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