Just to make up for yesterday’s boring background textures I posted, here are six more free abstract background images with bit more polish and shine. I’ve actually been working on these illustrations for months – but I could never find the time to finish them. I really hate having unfinished projects in my queue, so I made it a point this morning to finish up this set before doing anything else. Feels good to be done with them!

Anyway, this set is completely nature-based. All six of these background images contain transparent blue and green plant leaves overlapping themselves to create somewhat of a soft and blurry texture which blends into the background. I’ll admit that soft-style renderings such as these are not my normal style, but it was kind of fun to break out of my shell a little bit and try something new. I really like transparency in my images, and it’s easy to do when I combine some 3d elements (like globes) with flat 2d graphics created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Now that I’m finished with these, I have noticed that they are all “left-justified” – meaning that I placed the primary elements (leaves and globes) on the left for each one. I didn’t intend to do that! If I had the energy I’d go back and mirror a couple of these so that the set is a little bit more diverse. Oh well – I’ve spent long enough on these so it’s time to move on to something else.

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