I have to secretly admit that I’m having a ton of fun with these Android logo illustrations. The Android ‘bot has more of a whimsical edge to it than most other major corporate brand identities, and for whatever reason, it’s holding my interest pretty well. That’s saying a lot considering how much I bounce around from project to project! Maybe it’s because I like this shade of green so much. I dunno. Anyway, here is a detailed description of each image in this set:

  • A large black and orange Help Wanted sign lying on top of an upright Android logo over a dark surface
  • Two large gears lying on top of a glowing green Android logo
  • The Google Android ‘bot with raised arms being carried by a simple hand truck over a bright blue background
  • A glowing green Android logo on the screen of a generic touch screen mobile phone
  • A glowing green Android logo lying on top of a big soap box on a black reflective surface
  • A big magnifying glass hovering over top of a touch screen tablet computer displaying a bright green Google Android logo

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  1. Larr

    Where can I get that phone… forget the logo! 🙂

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